A dedicated umbrella body for Criminal Record Checks (CRBs) throughout the United Kingdom

PVG Scheme

On 28 February 2011, Scotland introduced the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme which augments the previous Disclosure Scheme.  It applies to those engaged in Regulated Activities, i.e. –

  • those with unsupervised access to vulnerable groups as a normal part of their duties on a frequent, intensive or overnight basis
  • those engaged in an activity involving contact with children or vulnerable groups in a specified place on a frequent or intensive basis


Registration, which includes an Enhanced Disclosure with checks against the relevant barred lists, is made by completing Application to Join the PVG Scheme Form available from First Standard

Applications are job specific and have to be countersigned by a Registered Person [First Standard]

Both the Registered Body and the Applicant receive copies of the PVG Scheme Record, which includes an Enhanced Disclosure

The PVG Scheme has also introduced an Update Service whereby existing members of the Scheme may obtain a renewal of their Enhanced Disclosure by completing an Existing PVG Scheme Member Application Form.

The Requirement to Refer applies to employers of those engaged in Regulated Activities who have reason to believe the grounds for referral have been met