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Police Act Disclosures

Three levels of Disclosure, Basic, Standard or Enhanced, remain available under provisions of the Police Act 1997, all of which use the same Application Form, available from First Standard.

Basic Disclosures are available to anyone.  They are not job specific but are often requested by licensing authorities for those who are deemed self-employed.
A Basic Disclosure will show details of all convictions considered unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (or state that there are no such convictions) and information about whether the applicant is subject to notification requirements under the Sex Offenders Register.

The applicant will be the only recipient of a Basic Disclosure

Please telephone 01434 611587 during office hours

Standard or Enhanced Disclosures can be requested for the purpose of asking an exempted question within the meaning of theRehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.  Please ask us for a Police Act Application Form

  • Applications are job specific and have to be countersigned by a Registered Person [First Standard].
  • Both the Registered Body and the Applicant receive copies of the Disclosure Certificate

Standard Disclosures are suitable for a range of occupations, including –

  • People involved in the administration of law
  • People applying for firearms and explosives licences
  • People involved in the provision of a Care Service

They will include details of spent and unspent convictions, cautions and the result of a check against barred lists.  Both the individual and the Employer [via First Standard] will receive a copy.

Please telephone 01434 611587 during office hours.

Enhanced Disclosures under the Police Act scheme are for those employments which fall outside the scope of the PVG Scheme.  Specifically, they are used for –

  • Checking if people are suitable for the purposes of adoption
  • People applying for various gaming and lottery licences

They will include details of Unspent and Spent Convictions, Cautions, details of Inclusion on children’s or adults’ lists and Other relevant information held by police forces and other Government Bodies.  Both the individual and the Employer [via First Standard] will receive a copy