A dedicated umbrella body for Criminal Record Checks (CRBs) throughout the United Kingdom

Disclosure checks

Criminal Records checks are a legal requirement for certain occupations, particularly those involving regular or frequent contact with children and/or vulnerable adults, or those which affect National Security, and may be employed by any organisation whose work falls within the Exceptions Order (1975) of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

There are currently two levels of disclosure available to employers in England and Wales and Northern Ireland; Scotland also enables an individual to obtain a Basic Disclosure which will identify any unspent convictions.  The Basic Disclosure is not considered suitable for employers.

The Standard Disclosure provides details of information that is held on the Police National Computer and will include details of any Cautions, Reprimands, Warnings and Convictions attributed to the individual concerned.  The Standard Disclosure is not suitable for those working with children or vulnerable adults.

The Enhanced Disclosure is particularly used for those working in ‘regulated positions’ where opportunity exists for contact with the vulnerable on a regular, frequent or intensive basis.  Such positions include any work with children, especially in schools, care homes, children’s hospitals and any charity offering support to children and their families; and work with vulnerable adults, including care homes, charities dedicated to their support and educational and training organisations.

In addition to the information contained on a Standard Disclosure, the Enhanced Disclosure will include the result of searches on the two national registers designed to protect children and vulnerable adults run by the Independent Safeguarding Authority [ISA] as well as any information deemed relevant by the Chief Constable of the area in which the individual has lived during the past five years.

Scotland has introduced the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme [PVG] for those working with Children or protected Adults

Requests for Standard or Enhanced Disclosures, or admission to the PCG Scheme, may only be submitted by approved Registered Bodies, such as First Standard Limited.