A dedicated umbrella body for Criminal Record Checks (CRBs) throughout the United Kingdom

Online CRB checks

First Standard is pleased to announce the arrival of our On-line service for Criminal Records Checks in England and Wales.

Employers are able to nominate Consultants, who in turn may “create Applicants”.  This generates an Email containing Log-in details for the Applicant to complete a CRB Application Form On-line.

ID checks can be completed On-line; or a Veri-fy form may be requested.  The completed forms are printed and sent to the Applicant for Signature and return.

The Applicant alone receives the Disclosure Certificate.  It is thus essential that the Employer makes arrangements for Applicants to bring in their Disclosure Certificates so details may be recorded and the Recruitment decision confirmed

Click here to access the service:http://firststandard.org.uk/index.php