A dedicated umbrella body for Criminal Record Checks (CRBs) throughout the United Kingdom

Access NI

Disclosure Checks are available through First Standard Limited, which is recognized as an Umbrella Body with Access NI.

Information for Employers

There are two types of Disclosure available to employers who have the right to use CRB checks as part of their recruitment and risk assessment procedures.  Completed applications for Standard and Enhanced Disclosures should be sent to First Standard for checking, countersigning and forwarding to Access NI for processing.

First Standard provides a full support service to employers, the cost of which depends on the level of support required.  Complete our Registration Document to receive details of our services.

Information for Candidates requiring a Disclosure check

If your employer has asked you to obtain a Disclosure check it will be because the position for which you are applying falls within those professions or occupations where the law requires you to have one.  Should you have a criminal record, this will not necessarily bar you from employment, although it may affect the areas in which you may work.

Apply for either a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure in 3 easy steps:
1. Download the application form; complete sections B, D, E, and F, and then print the application form and sign it in section G
2. Download the relevant Guidance Notes by clicking on the links on the left
3. Download the ID check form.  Take it, with your completed application form and ID documents to your employer for him/her to complete.  Your employer will complete Section A and will then send it to First Standard for processing.

You and your employer will each receive a copy of the Disclosure document

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